Democratizing Decentralized Physical Infrastructure

Nuvola is the gateway to a global rewards based economy.
For the people, by the people.

About Nuvola

What is Nuvola Digital?

Nuvola Digital is a network expansion protocol engaging with decentralized storage and computing, addressing a critical gap in the current digital ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break down barriers through our innovative crowd-share model, democratizing access to the rewards of decentralized infrastructure and empowering widespread participation, regardless of technical expertise.

Our Role

Nuvola's robust node infrastructure serves as a cornerstone in preserving the integrity and functionality of decentralized networks, mitigating the risk of simultaneous shutdowns among smaller nodes and ensuring continuous operation.

Our Values

At the heart of our core values lies a firm belief in the sovereignty of decentralization. We are dedicated to fostering thriving decentralized economies that deliver unparalleled value, security, and interoperability to every end user.

What makes us different?

Global Presence

Our servers are spread across Europe, North America & Asia, with more locations in the pipeline.


Our team has over a decade of technical knowledge & experience in ISPs, Data Centers & Server Management.


Our node operations have functionality across different blockchains.


Our state-of-the-art servers deliver exceptional performance & seamless connectivity.


Safety & security is at the forefront of our operations; our products are GDPR compliant.

Connecting the dots...

We strive to facilitate the expansion of diverse DePIN protocols by offering support during crucial stages of initial growth, fostering mutually beneficial relationships with both our community and the protocol's respective user base.

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Market Conditions & Growth Potential

The decentralized cloud storage and compute market are on a rapid growth trajectory, propelled by the ever-expanding need for scalable and efficient IT solutions. The market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, presenting lucrative opportunities for innovation and market expansion.


Raul De Benedittis
Co-founder & CEO
Syed Lanka
Co-founder & CTO
Willian Pereira
Alliance & Branding Manager
Ethaniel Marengo
Content Producer